I don’t have a single bad thing to say about these bottles. The day they arrived I washed them, then filled mine with ice and water, refilling the water several times during the evening. When I went to refill the bottle in the morning as preparation for a 6 hour car trip, there was still ice in it from the previous night!
— Stephen, Amazon Customer
The best thing about the bottle is that it does not sweat. It won’t leave those nasty rings! I would highly recommend it.
— Cindy, Amazon Customer
I made ice coffee this morning by pouring freshly brewed hot coffee into the container full of ice, and now 8 hours later there are still ice cubes in the bottle, my drink is still as cold as it was this morning, but the bottle is not cold to the touch! AquaFlask is everything you’ve ever needed in a water bottle, and brings a lot more to the table.
— Kevin, Amazon Customer
AquaFlask company, thank you for creating and marketing such a wonderful, wonderful product. I LOVE IT!
— RMK, Amazon Customer
I carry this everyday and have shown people at the end of a hot day how cold my water is and that I still have ice - even if left in a hot car. This is a great product.
— Shannon, Amazon Customer
Reasons why I love this -
There’s nothing worse that investing in a good water bottle and it still leaks in your bag, even after sealing it tightly. I’ve been using this for months and I never had to worry about its leaking.
2. Well insulated
I tested this out with a hot beverage this morning. I boiled tea this morning and left it in my AquaFlask all day to have during my breaks. 8 Hours later, it was still hot! I was impressed.
3. Good Handle
This is the first handle on a water bottle that actually made sense. I’ve had other water bottles handles that just jut out the side of the bottle and makes it super awkward to hold and is off balanced. It just makes sense.
4. Perfect Fit
This bottle fits perfectly in your hands. Not too wide, not too skinny. Allows for an easy, strong grip. Texture isn’t slippery either.
Did you realize that your could pour a whole wine bottle into this!? Keep your white wines chilled and super easy to transport for picnics or to a friend’s house! Brilliant!

Get. This. Bottle. It is the best investment you could make in a water bottle.
— David, Amazon Customer
Best water bottle I’ve ever owned! It keeps liquid either very cold or very hot (I use it at work, and the cold water I put in at 9am is still cold at 5pm), it doesn’t sweat whatsoever, it’s durable, and it’s comfortable to use. Couldn’t recommend it more!
— Rob, Amazon Customer
I put ice water in this bottle around noon, I ran errands and left the bottle in the car in 95 degree weather. Not only was the water still cold when I got back to my car, but 13 hours later, there was still ice intact in the bottle. Amazing!
— D, Amazon Customer
The AquaFlask water bottle fulfilled my entire wishlist! Here are things I love about it.

— It holds 27 ounces, so I don’t have to refill it so often.
— The rotating, folding handle and and powder-coated matte surface makes it easy to carry.
— The mouth opening is large enough for small ice cubes yet small enough to prevents splashes and spills while drinking..
— My trials have proven the bottle to be leakproof.
— The double-walled vacuum insulation helps keep drinks ice cold or steaming hot for hours. (I tested both, although I’ll likely only use it for cold water.)
— The double-walled construction means the bottle is sweat free, even when filled with ice..
— Using an eco-friendly reusable water bottle cuts down on unnecessary recycled bottles.
— PJ, Amazon Customer
The first time I used this water bottle, the heat index was 108° and despite being outside for hours my water stayed ice cold. My husband was very impressed with it, and now I have to buy him his own.
— Amanda, Amazon Customer
Great canteen for hiking that keeps your beverage cold! I had poured cold water in the AquaFlask the night before and it stayed cold when we were out on a desert trail the next day, so this thing definitely works as advertised. The handle is exactly what you need when you go hiking— you hardly know you’re holding it.
— Albert, Amazon Customer
We love this water bottle! My girlfriend and I each bought one. Tested them out by taking them to the beach on a hot day. On the way to the beach, we stopped for lunch and left the bottles in the hot car for a while. When we got back, the car was extremely hot, and the outside of each bottle was only slightly warm, then we drank out of them and the water was still VERY COLD! Definitely recommending this one to friends and family!
— David, Amazon Customer
Wow...the quality of this water bottle is incredible. So far, I’ve taken it out on the golf course, to the pool, and out fishing. It’s a great size for being out for a while, and is easy to clean. Also, it really is impressive how long it’s able to keep your beverage cold even out in the hot sun for many hours. The cap has a nice seal so if it gets knocked over there are no issues with spills, and the handle fits nicely into my hand for easy carrying. I’d highly recommend this water bottle.
— Scott, Amazon Customer
I ordered 2 AquaFlasks for hiking out west. I love the size, shape and handle and the fact that they keep our beverages ice cold for a long time and they don’t sweat. They fit nice in a day-size backpack.
— Jill, Amazon Customer
Best water bottle! I had a double walled bottle for several years that I left at a friend’s and was looking to replace. This is far less expensive and is far higher quality. Super solid build, the handle is great to hold/clip on to a bag. I absolutely love this water bottle and am going to buy one for my wife!!
— Tim, Amazon Customer
I love this bottle for many many reasons! It fits perfect in the cup holder in my car, has a great handle, and does not sweat. Most importantly it actually keeps my water cold all day which is amazing in the heat of Arizona. I actually would make iced coffee with milk and trust that it would not spoil in this cup.
— Nonia, Amazon Customer
I am OBSESSED with my Aqua Flask. I always complain about the fact that my water bottle sweats in my gym bag and get’s everything all wet, so the fact that the Aqua Flask doesn’t sweat is amazing. And it keeps my water cold for a really long time. I even took a hot yoga class last night in a 110 degree room with 40% humidity, and the water stayed ice cold. It was crazy! Plus it just looks really cool :)
— Rachel, Amazon Customer
So thrilled with my AquaFlask! I put some iced tea in it for my drive to work, and forgot it in my car when I got the office. When I went back down HOURS later to get it, it was still cold. It was awesome! Highly recommend this product!!! The little handle at the top is a great feature too.
— Katie, Amazon Customer
Do you like ice water? I love ice water. I am the kind of person who can only drink it if it is ICE COLD, and this thermos keeps my ice all day. It is seriously the best. It also has a great clip to attach to my backpack. I love having it.
— Justin, Amazon Customer
This bottle is magic. Every time I use it, I am surprised that it works! The construction quality is great and liquids stay cold even in my car during the summer heat!
— Lindsey, Amazon Customer
My Aquaflask has quickly become indispensable as my daily drinking vessel. The high-quality materials and design are a steal at this price point.
— Louis, Amazon Customer